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I love their guacamole the best here. They have a nice aftertaste that appeals to the taste buds. Been loving the foods served by Vera Cruz Tacos for years now. I was one of those who look after them when they start going to other parks to sell their food. Now that they have established a restaurant, they made everything better than ever. Even their food expanded as well and the different kinds of frappucinos they have are very competitive in terms of taste and styles. The innovation they were incorporating throughout the years just makes this restaurant better and better.


It was my first time in Houston. As a traveler, I loved to try an assortment of dishes local to a place. This taco house became a part of my itinerary. At first, I wondered what is so special about the place that made it among the best restaurant to visit for travelers. Imagine my surprise when I finally tasted their quesadilla. It was nothing like I’ve tasted before and I tasted a lot already while traveling. They said that they made the cheese themselves. Super proud of this restaurant! 5-stars and much recommended especially to foodies like me.


As a local of Houston, I managed to watch this restaurant grow. From the time they were still selling using a trailer, their staff is already very friendly. That did not change. I love how humble they all are and very attentive in serving the customers needs. This is my favorite place to be no matter the time of the day.