About Us

We have been established in 2005. Like most restaurants, we started small. We were not even a restaurant back then but a food trailer that is roams around in different parks around Houston. But even then, we ensure that all the products we offer to our customers are only made with the freshest ingredients. That’s how we started to get the recognition. We never spared a penny when it comes to creating our food choices because we know that our main priority is giving our customer the best experience when it comes to Mexican Cuisine. As such, although we have been a standing-only food hub, we have acquired legions of customers due to the way we put efforts into making high-quality Mexican food.

We also never cheated when it comes to the food we offer. All of them are homemade only which recipes have been passed down from the older generations. Yes, the owners are of Mexican origin. This is why the food tastes nothing less than the best.

It was in 2011 when we started building a more stationary place. We acquired enough funding to finally make our dream of a restaurant a reality. But this is not without rigorous effort. There were many challenges that set us back from our opening date, but then again we still managed to meet our target. Due to the reputation we already have established years before, it was not hard to get our target market. Even without marketing strategies and advertisements, our customers managed to find us. Since then, we have already become a favorite not just among locals but among tourists as well. We have become one of the sought-after restaurants in Houston. For that, we can never be more blessed.

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